Tilda Swinton celebrates the life & brilliance of Roger Ebert with a conga-line dance at Ebertfest

Last Saturday, fittingly enough on 4/20, a wondrous, joyful thing happened in our little spaces in life during a time when things were feeling pretty damn shitty. Actress Tilda Swinton showed up to the MoMa for Ebertfest, a celebration of the life and excellence that our most recently dearly departed Roger Ebert left us to wallow on in our cinephile lives without. Tilda, often too easily...

Katie Holmes sure looks comfy cuddling up to Quentin Tarantino

There was a once upon a time when I actually thought that Katie Holmes might be able to make it work with Tom Cruise. In the beginning of the relationship, how quickly they were able to get her artificially inseminated (let's get real, folks) and the glowing images of the couple as they wed with baby Suri by their side, I might have stopped to give them half a golf clap. Then Tom Cruise did...

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