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There was nothing SAGgy about Morena Baccarin's mommy boobs at the SAG awards

Morena Baccarin is fresh from giving birth to a child, which is nice but not all that interesting to us outside of her inner circle. The plus side there are her heavily engorged twin feeding stations, which she was proudly showing off at the SAG awards this weekend. I've never gotten anyone pregnant (that I know of), so I'm not familiar with how it works in this situation. I suppose all that...

Kate Winslet was on the verge of going into labor at the Labor Day premiere

Kate Winslet was at the premiere of her new movie LABOR DAY, looking like she was about ready to pop. Damn, Kate. Are you having quadruplets or something? There's like a small village growing inside her abdomen right now. Good thing she's concurrently growing enough food to feed her imminent brood with those massive mommy boobs. It's impressive and rather scary how everything just balloons...

Look at what Alec Baldwin gets to play with now

I mean other than the paparazzi, although Alec seems to enjoy roughhousing with them as well. No, the real playground is growing all over his wife Hilaria's chest following the birth of their kid. The 28-year-old yoga instructor was already fairly well stacked before the kid, but now that it's out in the world and in need of nourishment, wonderful things have started to pop out...

Malin Akerman wont let new motherhood stop her from wearing the hell out of a leather dress

Malin Akerman just had a kid 3 months ago, but that's no reason not to do a photo shoot at a Beverly Hills intersection, dressed in a sexy, black leather number. After all, she's got the new mommy boobs. Might as well make use of them while they're here, right? That's smart thinking, as was not working off all that baby weight before getting back in front of cameras. She looks good with that...

Kristen and Krysten look hot in between takes on Veronica

Proving that crowdsourcing works for the right project, hotties Kristen Bell and Krysten Ritter reported for duty today on the Veronica Mars movie, currently in production thanks to a hefty $5 million injection into that movie's production coffers from their recent Kickstarter campaign. Both hotties looked pretty good doing their thing between takes. I'm curious how they're going to...

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