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Happy 29th birthday, Michelle "Should Play Wonderwoman" Ryan

Newly added to the Movie Hotties Gallery is Michelle Ryan , a UK babe that I love to death even though I barely recall seeing her in much of anything. It's those piercing blue eyes, that fantastic body and the deep rooted belief that I have in my heart of hearts that if Wonder Woman is going to make it to a superhero movie and be successful, it's going to have to be with Michelle cast as...
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Happy 19th Birthday, Saoirse Ronan!

While THE HOST might be crashing and burning at the box office both in the states and overseas, it appears that it's not going to stop the career of its star, newly inducted member of the MovieHotties Galleries, Saoirse Ronan . Since 2007 when she was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for role in ATONEMENT, Ronan has been on the fast track to making sure she's cast in all kinds...
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