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Flashback Friday: Yasmine Bleeth forever belongs to the 90s

Sometimes celebs become associated with a certain time. That's kind of the thrust behind these Friday sojourns into the past, to give a nod to the hotties who got lost in the shuffle of decades passing. I don't think Yasmine Bleeth ever really did anything that required she be left behind in the 90s. I suspect there may have been an unwritten rule passed some time around the turn of...
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Face Off: Amanda Bynes vs. Lindsay Lohan

Summer Glau was the winner over Alison Lohman in last week's Face Off . Tough call. Those are two sweet as can be hotties. I do hope they come back to prominence someday. Well, it's April Fools Day, so why not spend some time looking at a couple of fools for this week's Face Off. What the hell happened to Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan ? I'm sure many of you have asked that...
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