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Aussie soap hottie Olympia Valance does a great Jessica Alba impression

I'm beginning to think that we may need to change our focus from the night time movie premieres to the antics of those who work more in the daytime, most specifically with the ladies of soap operas. I can barely keep up, there is so much fresh talent coming from those melodramas, no matter which country. Olympia Valance is one such example, not only a player on the Australia's longest running...
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Adriana Lima saves her hottest bikinis for when she's off duty

We all know a significant portion of Adriana Lima's personal wealth comes from her bikini modelling. Girl has spent the better part of two decades helping to set the standard for how such modelling is done in the 21st century and getting paid royally for her efforts. Of course, everyone has to have some time to themselves (everyone who isn't an American anyway. We're expected to work...
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You knew Ashley James wasn't going to stay out of a bikini for long

It's kinda funny to peruse our newly christened Ashley James gallery and find that most of the articles we've posted on her are all bikini shots. Shots not unlike those below, featuring the busty Brit still hanging out by the water in Mykonos. Can't say I blame her for that. I'd kinda like to be there with her, instead of huddled in a room praying the AC doesn't go out while outside the...
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Ashley James in a bikini again? Alright, come on in

There is always a certain percentage of hotties around here who achieve fame mostly by being willing to show off what they got on a regular basis. Ashley James is one of those hotties. They always have the same story. Either they're somebody's ex or some other person's current. That gives them just enough notoriety for the various media outlets to pay attention when they go in their Mykonos...
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Nicole Scherzinger wears the hell out of a bikini in Mykonos

You might just wish your girlfriend was as stacked as Nicole Scherzinger , who was showing off what appeared to be an even bigger bust while on vacation in Mykonos over this past weekend. The former Pussycat Doll singer has never shied away from admitting that she'd had breast augmentation surgery in the past but judging by the increase in cup size she's rocking here, I'm guessing that...
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Thursday just got better with Federica Nargi's knockout body in a bikini

I'd never heard of Federica Nargi before yesterday and now I'm a bit ashamed of myself. While I'm further away from my Italian roots than I'd like to let people believe, I still should have known that Nargi is a top paid Italian model, after having been a losing Miss Italy contestant back in 2007. Federica is known for dating footballers and being the hottest star-bellied Sneetch on the...
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Hulk wanna smash Maria Menounos ass!!

Mykonos? Oh, Mylanta! Some dude who was hanging out with the bootirific Maria Menounos while she went shopping during her current vacation to her Greek Goddess homeland made things a little too easy for me. I don't have much to talk about regarding the short shorts or the bared tummy or the always mentionable ass on Maria. I just love that I was able to use that headline. Wouldn't you all...
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