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Top 6 Hottest Ass-Kicking Babes (video)

Times have really changed when it comes to how the ass-kicking is distributed between characters in the typical action movie. In decades past, kicking of the asses was handled predominantly by one individual, usually a rippling male made famous for how many asses they managed to kick in the course of the standard movie run time. Nowadays, asses are kicked in a much more evenly...
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Top 6 Hottest Oscar Winners (video)

We tend to think of movie hotties in a certain way, namely as those who look hot in movies. Thing is, there are a few of them out there who can also act. So good at acting are these 6 hotties we got here, their skills have won them top honors at the Oscars - some a few times over now. Find out below which hotties who made the Academy's cut, also made our Top 6 cut. Got...
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Jennifer Lawrence looks hot tagging buses on Hollywood Blvd.

Both Jennifer Lawrence and her PASSENGERS co-star, Chris Pratt, have been having some fun while on the promotional tour for this movie. No big surprise there. If any two people could make a party out of something, it's Jen and Chris. One of the ways Chris has been having some fun at Jennifer's expense is on social media, where he makes a point of taking selfies at inopportune times for...
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Yet another Jennifer Lawrence Passengers photo call has us connecting dots

Clearly they're determined to go overboard with the PASSENGERS photo calls. It's funny, we have all this technology in place which allows us to avoid so much of what once had to be done in person. We don't have to shop, or mail things, or go most places really. Yet somehow no one has figured out a way to let hotties like Jennifer Lawrence avoid this Magellan style global circumnavigation...
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Jennifer Lawrence has few equals in the beauty department

Websites, TV shows, magazines, and whatnot have spent the last few weeks marveling at the amazing similarities between Jennifer Lawrence and her seeming doppelganger Haley Bennett . They do bear a striking similarity. In fact, I've been kinda wishing they would start hanging out together just to see what that would look like. However, after seeing these pics of Jen out at the Dior event...
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Jennifer Lawrence was all smiles an sex appeal for Fallon

Jennifer Lawrence has a lot to be happy about. She's got a new X-MEN movie coming out, wherein she plays Mystique, potentially for the last time. Although something tells me that if they threw a shit ton of money at her to do a Mystique stand alone movie, kinda like they just did with Daniel Craig, she would probably be much more keen on accepting. Not many wouldn't. If that's...
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Rebecca Romijn still has her feminine Mystique

For a lot of people, the Mystique character has been synonymous with Jennifer Lawrence ever since she took over playing the character with X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. Me, I'm still kinda on the Rebecca Romijn bandwagon. She was, of course, the first one to don the blue skin look in the first X-MEN movie, playing a much different version of the shape-shifting hottie. Jennifer's Mystique...
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Face Off: Jennifer Lawrence vs. Olivia Munn

Once again the group was divided , this time about whether it's Chloe Moretz or Bella Thorne who deserved the most praise and affection. They do have different things going for them. Bella has the ample sex appeal, Chloe the likability and talent. It's hard to say which one of those characteristics is more important. They tend to fluctuate given the circumstances. This week we...
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Top 6 Hottest Superhero Babes (video)

There's nothing quite like a superhero hottie. We've seen several examples of them over the years in all different kinds of movies, TV shows and, of course, comic books. Watching them do their thing can be even more fun than their male contemporaries, since they bring the sexy along with their propensity for kicking ass. Here are 6 such superhero babes we feel are the best at...
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Jennifer Lawrence took her cleavage out to the Tape Club in London

I have to wonder what Emma Thompson would have to say about Jennifer Lawrence . She doesn't have any proper training in the acting field and she's been given some pretty monumental roles (her first Oscar nomination for WINTER'S BONE came when she was only 20 years old) but at the same time, Lawrence has been described by many of her co-stars as being an "old soul." And she doesn't subscribe...
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Jennifer Lawrence looked more like Storm than Mystique at the X-Men premiere

I appreciate Jennifer Lawrence bringing the sideboob and the curvy bod in her elegant dress at the X-MEN: APOCALYPSE premiere. I'll take as much of this as she can dole out. What I can't understand is the thinking behind this styling trend wherein young women are dyeing their hair grey, as Jen was doing. Is there some secret desire among young women to temporary fast-forward to their...
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Jennifer Lawrence helps make our planet beautiful

Jennifer Lawrence was on hand for the premiere of her movie A BEAUTIFUL PLANET, a documentary chronicling life on board the ISS and all the beautiful sights that come with that, which she narrates. Jen just keeps coming up with more and more reasons for me to love and appreciate her. I too have a passion for space and space travel, which means I should go see this. These kinds of movies...
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