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The Bikini Roundup - August 2013

Summer 2013 is definitely beginning to wind down. The days are getting shorter and the Halloween shit has begun to fill up space on store shelves. That didn't stop the hotties from slipping into our favorite beach attire throughout the month of August. Models, TV stars, movie stars and people famous for nothing much at all were sexifying beaches all over the place in the next to last...
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The Bikini Roundup - July 2013

Good god, what crazy collection of hotties in bikinis we have for you this month - 31 of them, to be exact. One for every day of the month. You might not know who all these ladies are, but they're guaranteed to wow you with how well they wear the best beach gear of them all. So let's get into it, starting with my beloved Kelly Brook doing her bikini thang down in Greece. Take...
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This is why Spanish reality television is still #1

We all know that Spanish television programs are often studded with some of the most beautiful actresses you've never seen. Nabilla Benattia , who currently stars in "Les Anges de la Tele-Realite", is a prime example. I didn't even know Spanish reality shows filmed in Los Angeles. I need to get out more. Nabilla, her ass, and the rest of the cast shot some footage in Miami yesterday. I have...
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