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Hayden Panettiere mixes her geek chic with a little see thru sexy

At first I was a little surprised when Hayden Panettiere's Nashville series got resurrected for another season after getting cancelled by ABC. That doesn't happen very often and I can think of a few other shows I'd deem far more worthy of resurrection than that one. But then I remembered who stars in Nashville and the whole thing became clear. Hayden's got the drawing power big time....
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Bryana Holly & Carmella Rose are two great tastes that taste great together

I swear, there are some days on this job when I feel like I'm 10-years-old again, nervously sifting through my mom's catalogs for pics of women in their underwear. Funny enough, mine is the last generation who will ever have memories of doing that. It's just too bad we didn't have hotties like Carmella Rose and Bryana Holly in those old catalogs. I seem to recall those long lost underwear...
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More of Sara Jean Underwood's random acts of hotness

The few things which tie together a Sara Jean Underwood photo dump are (1) Sara Jean Underwood (2) a lot of bare ass and boobs and (3) nature; using an earthly backdrop in a variety of different locales to break up the monotony of one ass-popping pic after another. You would think after reaching the 10,000th variation of a Sara Jean underboob image, fatigue would begin to set in –...
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Bella Hadid doesn't need no stinkin' bikinis as she goes nude for V magazine

I get the distinct impression that the frowny face Bella Hadid is making here in this gorgeous black and white shoot for V magazine is meant to be directed at all of those happy chicks from Sports Illustrated as they don bikinis and soak up the sun in their tropical locales. Bella has never been one to shy away from flashing a nipple or two (you can spot it happening a couple of times in this...
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Sara Jean Underwood takes her booty to some place tropical

Whether or not Sara Jean Underwood is posing in front of colossal pine trees out in the Midwestern wilderness or against color laden skylines washing over some exotic island, it all amounts to nothing if she's not doing so while showing an abundance of underboob and ass crack. It's true, the majestic beauty of nature and the infinite color palette of a horizon during magic hour has...
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Maitland Ward decks the boobs with Xmas lights

Just when I was whining last week that we hadn't heard from Maitland Ward and her lovely bundles of breastful joy, she pops up with some new pics, complete with Xmas lights strung around her chest. This isn't as complete of a photoshoot that we've come to love from the sexiest ginger on SnapChat but some is better than none and I've included a few of her more recent chats that have her...
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Sara Jean Underwood is the sexy gift that keeps on giving

Sara Jean Underwood's journey into the wild has been a never ending treasure trove of sexy, and a template for any and every aspiring social media model. Proof you don't need to waste a ton of money on a variety of different shoots, nor expend a ton of creative energy coming up with different themes, just milk one for everything it's worth. All Sarah needs is a...
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Genevieve Morton had the right idea for her 2017 calendar - just get naked

The various 2017 hottie calendar spreads have been coming on pretty thick, now that we're at the closing days of 2016. I don't think any of them have quite hit upon the simplicity of Genevieve Morton's calendar concept, which consists of her bare ass nekkid on a beach. What more do you need, I ask? Big ol' tits and a curvy body in a variety of positions without a stitch of clothing in...
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A lot of sexy stuff is happening on Sara Jean Underwood's Instagram page

To anyone who's even remotely familiar with Sara Jean Underwood , that headline won't ring out as something revelatory. You don't need a secret password or an exclusive club card to join in the sexy goings-on at the curvaceous blonde's Instagram page – all are welcome, and Ms. Underwood is never anything less than an inviting hostess. Only, instead of offering you a...
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Instagram hottie Eileen Kelly is almost too cute to be true

I know what you're thinking. You're wondering if you're about to get busted for looking at these pics of Instagram phenom Eileen Kelly . Don't worry, she's of age and then some. In fact, she's made being open about her fully matured sexuality the cornerstone of her whole social media focus, which I'm sure has done a lot to give her the almost 400k followers she currently enjoys on Instagram...
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Hottie Clip: Shannon Elizabeth in Dish Dogs (2000)

This probably isn't a rare emotion, but I love  Shannon Elizabeth . Starting with the obvious, she portrayed the jaw-dropping Nadia in AMERICAN PIE, which was the closest thing to PORKY'S or FAST TIMES my high school generation ever got. On top of that and everything else, she was one of our very first Hottie Stop interviewees, for which we're...
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Rachel Vallori is our latest nearly nude model crush

Randall Slavin is definitely one of those photographers that you need to follow, if you don't already. Unlike the creep factor that you get from combing through Terry Richardson shoots, this Slavin guy tries to make his photographs a little more sensual (he IS, after all, the guy who got Emmanuelle Chriqui topless as well as some other hotties). This is no different with the semi-nude,...
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