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Jessica Alba is so hot it's got me seeing red

Remember when everyone and their mom was all over any piece of Jessica Alba news they could get their hands on? Yeah, she was at her height around SIN CITY and GOOD LUCK CHUCK , but soon afterwards, she kind of fell off the map. That's not supposed to sound mean, or anything. When you're a movie star, it f*cking happens. I get it. Not to mention she popped out a baby and is now a...
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Sexy TwitPics: Jessica Alba

It's about darned time we exploited the sensuous TwitPics of a movie star who is adored by all. Or appalled by some? F*ck it, Jessica Alba is adored by all. If not for her acting skills or her "just don't let them near you" approach to the general public, it's for the sweet and utter adorableness she displays onscreen. Frankly, "sweet" and "adorable" are both more...
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