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I want to spend the summer at Jessica Alba's place

I heard someone remark the other day that Jessica Alba is hotter now than ever before. That's a bold statement. Jessica has had some drop dead gorgeous moments throughout the years. If Jess is hotter today it's probably from the added MILF component tacked onto her already established hotness that appears completely untouched after 15 years on the hottie scene. Not that she looks like...

Jessica Alba earns her place at the horny awards

Let's be honest, honoring hotties that make us horny is what this Spike TV Guy's Choice Awards are all about. Hell, even the trophy is a pair of antlers. Thinly veiled shit is something this show specializes in. I wont complain though. It gets plenty of hotties to come out, looking characteristically hot for the occasion. For instance, hotties like Jessica Alba , who was rocking the...

Jessica Alba getting wet in a bikini and showing butt is great entertainment

You can say a lot of things against Entertainment Weekly. You might even have some reservations about Jessica Alba . But you can't deny that both those parties came up with a great premise for selling magazines, which mostly consists of putting Jess in a bikini that shows off her ass and making that the cover of their latest issue that's exploring all things summer 2014 entertainment related....

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