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Playboy lite has geek hottie Naomi Kyle show off some sexy booty

The new PG-13 version of Playboy has been compensating for its sad loss of bared T&A by doing their best to recruit more familiar hotties who might not have otherwise done a Playboy shoot. I suspect this was the whole point in going tame, since it's kind of hard to find mainstream or pseudo mainstream hotties willing to get naked for a magazine anymore. In that vein we were recently presented...
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Naomi Kyle is the hottest woman with a man's first name as a last name ever

I'm sure more than a few of you know of Naomi Kyle - gamer, geek and overall hottie. Apparently, when she's not hosting IGN's Daily Fix or playing video games or sending me dirty texts (it happens, but she made me promise not to show anyone), she likes to model. Who knew? Anyway, this super talented guy with a camera (his webiste is right around here somewhere....ah, ...
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