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Alyssa Milano is racey in red

Racey, you know, because it's a NASCAR thing where they race cars and stuff. Yeah. Anyway, Alyssa Milano was at this NASCAR awards thing, looking cute as always. Alyssa was always my thing in a big way, thanks to the fascination I've long had with hotties like Alyssa who bear a certain ethnic vibe. Those ladies are best represented by your Italian or Sicilian women, Jewish women, women from...
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Pia Toscano puts the ass in NASCAR awards

I have zero to do with American Idol, so the controversy surrounding Pia Toscano's supposedly unjust exit from that show's 10th season escaped me entirely. I'm also not much for today's pop music stars, so I've never heard her music either. No doubt she's a great person and all, but to be honest I'd seen nothing of her at all until she rocked this tight alligator skin number and let some...
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