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The Top 10 Sexiest Women from Miami

For the people who are looking for a break from the serious awards season fodder or those who have had their local theater ban them from watching STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS for the 19,000th time, there's the sure to make money RIDE ALONG 2 , with the new generation's Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart. They decided to take the brothers-in-law (har har har, so damn witty...) to Miami for the sequel,...
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Hottie Report Card: Natalie Martinez

Mornin', class. Was everyone sure to drink their Ovaltine? I sure hope so. This is obviously an exciting week with all the SDCC commotion in the air, but certainly that won't deflate anyone's interest in checking out Ryan Reynold's science-fictiony thriller SELF/LESS . It'll be a dead pool of invisible movie-goers who turn up for this one, partly because its...
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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Hottest Dystopian Dames

One great thing about movies that take place in dystopian societies, is that regardless of how evil humanity has become, or how irretrievably corrupt things are and no matter how many buildings have crumbled, the women almost always stay hot. Thus the theme of this week's Movie Hotties 6-pack, wherein we explore the topic of hotties in terrible future societies. Check out our list below...
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Hot or Not: Natalie Martinez

Seemed like you guys were torn right now the middle by the 50% hot rating of Taylor Schilling last week. Does this mean that you're not going to be devouring "Orange is the New Black" when its second season begins streaming later this week? With the regular TV season having come to a close, there's plenty of other channels to tune into as well as some summer offerings from the major...
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The Top 10 Sexiest Latinas

What with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock planning on pulling some of THE HEAT in at the box office (ending the debate once and for all regarding whether people are more drawn to McCarthy or Tatum, as the film goes up against WHITE HOUSE DOWN), I figured we'd keep it simple and concentrate on some real heat. The hottest Latinas around. (Please keep in mind that this was an extremely,...
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Top 10 Babes Who Can Drive Your Car

I've seen the haters complain about the popularity of the FAST & FURIOUS franchise but I have to ask, with box office returns like the 6th installment had over the weekend, do we really have to get into that "it's cool to hate this because its numbers prove that it's popular" debate? Babes, flesh, fast cars, and a cast full of characters who aren't out of the same cereal box ethnically....
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The Hottie Stop interviews Natalie Martinez from End of Watch!

Welcome to our inaugural "The Hottie Stop" column in which we interview some of the hottest actresses in Hollywood today, discussing not only their latest projects, but also a little bit about themselves... personally! Natalie Martinez first entered the limelight a few years ago when she became the face of Jennifer Lopez's fashion line, JLO. (She reportedly beat out over 6,000...
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Interview with Natalie Martinez from Death Race

When I first watched DEATH RACE, I had no idea who Natalie Martinez was. But while I was watching the hour and a half of car explosions and Statham, I found myself enjoying this girl who seems quite comfortable being the tough chick. No wonder she seems to be placed in such testosterone heavy movies like Death Race. I had the chance to talk with her one on one about making the...
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