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BOTB Transporter Ladies: Qi Shu vs Kate Nauta vs Natalya Rudakova

Last week no one really went to go see Z FOR ZACHARIAH, the movie I based the Z Is For battle last week. However, you were clear in your communication that Zoey Deutch is the Z babe for you. This week, THE TRANSPORTER REFUELED is the biggest release, although it leaves me saying, "You're no Jason Statham, honey," whenever I catch a trailer featuring lead, Ed Skrein. We'll have to...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Natalya Rudakova

A lot of people hate on the hottie of TRANSPORTER 3 Natalya Rudakova but I think she's pretty damn sexy. Sure she's not one of those knockouts that own Hollywood, but the chick knows how to be sexy, no doubt about that. That goes a pretty long way too... Plus she's hot! So for today's Hottie Clip of the Day I decided to go with a clip from TRANSPORTER 3 where Rudakova is acting all...
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