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The Brits like to make their National Television Awards into a skin fest

I don't know a great deal about UK television, apart from a few key shows that have become hits over here across the pond. I take it they really enjoy shows that center either on British history, or big tits. Makes sense. Speaking of big tits, there were plenty of those on display at the National Television Awards last night. Seemed like an impromptu competition had broken out for who could...
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The UK knows how to do award shows

Those of you who don't live in the UK or watch a lot of UK TV probably don't recognize most of the hotties in attendance at the UK's National Television Awards show. That's okay though, for as you can see in the gallery below, there's a universal quality to the various attendees that comes across pretty quickly. Apparently it's a literal "boob tube" situation over there, from which little...
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Jenna Louise Coleman is still in mourning at the NTAs

I don't know if I can get into why Jenna Louise Coleman might be wearing black as a nod to what's happened to her on-screen "Dr. Who" boyfriend without flashing a huge SPOILER ALERT notice over this article. However, in the way that I phrased that first sentence, I think I might have already f*cked that part up. Coleman was wearing a near shroud while she accepted the NTA (National Television...
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Kelly Brook was also seeing thru it that we're all happy campers

God I love this woman. You know that by now, but I just have to reiterate it when I see Kelly Brook and her choice of red carpet attire at the National Television Awards in London. There is so much Kelly does to earn the love she gets from people like you and me - too many to list them all here. Wearing a dress with a plunging neckline wasn't quite enough. She also had to make sure said...
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