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Face Off: Karen Gillan vs. Sophie Turner

Rachel Weisz scored the win over Marion Cotillard last week . I was split on the two of them at the time, but now I think I'm a little more in Rachel's corner. That's probably due to having watched a couple of her movies recently, which is where a lot of hotties' real beauty comes out. Things might have gone the other way, had I watched a couple of Marion's movies. So I'm probably...
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Karen Gillan doesn't short us on cute hotness at The Big Short premiere

We haven't heard much from Karen Gillan lately. Ever since her show crashed and burned, she's been keeping a relatively low profile. Understandable. Even though network TV is rife with cancellations lately, thanks to its general shittiness, I'm sure seeing your hard work crumble to dust still stings a little. But things seem to be picking up for her once again. She's in this movie THE BIG...
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We'd sure like to a peek under Karen Gillan's pea coat

Karen Gillan was on hand at the premiere of the new, live action CINDERELLA movie, sporting a sexy little pea coat over what I assume is a rather short dress, considering the amount of leg she's showing off here. Or maybe she didn't bother wearing a dress and just put on a little top and the coat. I would have loved to literally get to the bottom of that situation, but unfortunately...
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Karen Gillan's Selfie show is gone, but we can still enjoy the promos

Selfie was show that I'm sure many people understood was destined for the chopping block long before it ever made it on the air. It just looked remarkably cheesy from the moment I first heard about it and seemed to deliver on that promise throughout its short run. Yet another poor attempt at trying to make a TV show that's savvy with modern culture. They fail at that sort of thing far more...
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Karen Gillan always seems really happy to be there

Karen Gillan was on the panel for her new show Selfie at the summer TCA press events, sporting her regular beautiful smile and even more beautiful and gradually lengthening red hair. Kind of a lateral move to go from Marvel movie baddy to updated adaptations of My Fair Lady. The show follows Karen's character as she makes herself popular through stunts on social media, but at some point...
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Karen Gillan in her underwear ain't no joke

Karen Gillan is telling jokes on Esquire's magazine this month. They like to do that once in a while. They take a hottie most folks know and love and have her tell a joke while pics of said hottie dressed in something hot accompany the joke. Karen went with some sexy underwear for her joke accompaniment. Always nice to see Karen getting sexy in some form. She's very good at that....
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Face Off: Karen Gillan vs. Deborah Ann Woll

It was probably foolish to think that Khaleesi was ever in danger of losing a Face Off , even against a hottie like Natalie Dormer . Girl has a powerful following and rightfully so. Not much one can say against her. Redhead hottie Karen Gillan has her movie OCULUS coming out this week. Definitely one of the best ladies with the crimson locks out there. That makes me think about...
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Karen Gillan goes from bald to beautifully buzzed

So it was about a month ago that Karen Gillan went and completely shaved her head for her role as Nebula in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. While supportive of Karen, I still felt a little sad to see those lovely red locks go. Thankfully a month's worth of hair growth has brought a small taste of that lovely red back for the THOR premiere. It's a testament to natural beauty when the ladies can...
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Think it's Photoshop? Karen Gillan's shocking new hairstyle hits SDCC '13 hard

I get crapped on by the Whovians for crapping on the Whovians, but I wonder how many simultaneous heart attacks took place when then former "Dr. Who," star, Karen Gillan took to the stage for the Marvel Movie of 2014, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Many fans were crying foul after Gillan showed up at the Wired Cafe looking no different than she's been known for with the auburn locks. But after...
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