Even when Photoshopped all to hell, Monica Bellucci is still gorgeous

People who know I work in Photoshop often ask me why magazines go in and mess with their cover models. Well, there are lots of reasons for that. The raw photos always need to be touched up. Then you got your standard spot healing and whatnot to make the models look more beautiful. There's also a third reason, which I think this cover with hottie legend Monica Bellucci illustrates. Sometimes...

Emily Blunt has got California Style

Emily Blunt is literally red hot in the pages of California Style magazine this month, showing off a bit of that super tight body she's made for herself recently. Emily was always pretty fit, but now she's really fit. The explanation for her super trim status is her role in the next of Tom Cruise's streak of sci-fi movies in production, called ALL YOU NEED IS KILL. Stupid title, but just...

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