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Cameron Diaz's butt belongs to Benji Madden now

She might end up becoming sisters-in-law with Nicole Richie, if things progress well, I suppose. Not that I'm putting too much stock into the new romance between Cameron Diaz and Good Charlotte twin rocker, Benji Madden. We all know that Diaz has publicly discussed her opinion of relationships having an expiration date (which seems to be around 5 year max for the actress, as was what...

Jaimie Alexander brings her beautiful smile to the Normal Heart premiere

It's been hard to keep Sif in our headlights when she's not being Sif, so I thought maybe we could ooh and ahh over the gorgeous Jaimie Alexander as she attends the premiere of THE NORMAL HEART with new boyfriend (the former Mr. Jennie Garth) Peter Facinelli. Jaimie recently completed filming LONDON FIELDS, the movie which stars Amber Heard as a clairvoyant femme fatale named Nicola Six....

Julianne Hough's short hair is completing her metamorphosis into Meg Ryan

As much as I enjoyed dancer/actress/singer Julianne Hough with her long hair, I have to say that she's one of the few women out there who is equally killing it with the super short cut as well. The only thing that's keeping her from turning into a exact replicate of the 1980's version of darling Meg Ryan that we love so much is a relationship with another popular actor, ala...

Emma Watson hits the Caribbean in a bikini with her new beau

When she's not having to kick the asses of the Frat Pack for inadvertently sounding as if they need to decide which one of them is going to rape her (to those of you who haven't yet seen THIS IS THE END, um... spoiler alert), Emma Watson is apparently spending her time sexing up a hot rugby player from Oxford, the new beau in her life. Sorry, fellas. I guess Emma is looking for a...

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