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No nip slip nor sheer attire needed for Michelle Monaghan to amass attention

I don't know if it was a conscious effort for Michelle Monaghan to go with this minimalist wardrobe selection, but she pulls it off.  Confidence is always sexy, and here she shows the youthful up and comers she doesn't need oodles of makeup or to be garnished with overpriced metals to draw ones eye.  Perhaps it was just appropriate for her to attend this photocall for the...
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Book Review: Suicide Girls Geekology

If there's one thing in this world that we can never get enough of, it's naked girls. The defining reason behind art and beauty in this world is not just the female form, which can often be marred by ill-chosen articles of fashion, but the naked female form. Its curves, shimmering visions of softness and that celestial body at the center of being and oneness in the...
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Emma Stone borrowed David Byrne's suit for the Spidey London photocall

This is not my favorite look on Emma Stone but I'll hand it to America's favorite fake redhead, she's definitely one of the few lovelies out there who could pull off a discarded suit of Talking Heads singer David Byrne. Stone was on hand with the other stars of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 in London for a photocall. The group has been traveling the world to promote the upcoming webslinger...
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Brie Larson hugging on Edgar Wright sets off my jealous geekette alarms

The better question would be for me to determine which I'm more jealous about: Brie Larson hugging on the hotness that is director Edgar Wright or Wright snugging into the lovely little Miss Envy Adams. I want to mention that the first time I went to see SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD at the New Beverly Cinema, not only was Edgar there but so was Brie and the actress is even better looking in...
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