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Natalie Portman styles herself sexy for The New York Times

It kinda sucks how few Natalie Portman spreads, like this one she did for The New York Times Fashion Magazine, seem to happen any more. Her interest in being a hottie and acting accordingly in that role just kind of vanished all at once. She met her now husband while filming BLACK SWAN, won herself an Oscar, suddenly became a wife and mother, and then quite rapidly diminished, not only...
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Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams have a little Stark sister reunion

This photoshoot Sophie Turner and her GoT co-star Maisie Williams did for The New York Times recently has got me thinking about if we'll ever see a moment like this on the show. One of the really frustrating things about recent seasons is how displaced the various Stark children are and how close some of them come to being reunited. I can only assume that a true reunion of what remains of...
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Natalie Dormer's alluring beauty is a subject to be taken very seriously

Sometimes, it's the unusual and different kinds of beauties who're the ones that truly steal my heart. Natalie Dormer is a perfect example of this. Of course, by traditional standards, Natalie is an absolutely gorgeous woman (and it's weird, but isn't every girl named Natalie totally beautiful? I don't know. Perhaps it's just me), but that smirk of hers is something...
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New York captures Emma Stone's conservatively sexy appearance

Well, now that Emma Stone has totally bitten the dust in the latest Spider-man movie (spoiler alert?), she now has the chance to move on to bigger and better things, one of which is a show on Broadway called CABARET. While I'm really happy for Emma doing something different and new where she'll be able to act in a totally different field, I'm just more excited over the fact that...
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January Jones is being a mom and staying mum on father of her son

Well, if we had some Zach Galifianis news yesterday, it seems only fitting that there's a smidge of January Jones gossip as well. Right before getting pregnant with son Xander, Jones went out and mingled with THE HANGOVER star and cozied up to him at some event. Not taking it well is the definition of what came out of Galifianakis' mouth afterwards, where he pretty much said that he would...
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