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Rita Ora's bra goes rogue as she steps out in New York

She's not shy, you can say that much about Rita Ora . The singer slash actress slash reality show judge was seen out in New York, heading to a photoshoot in a really ugly pair of PVC pants coupled with a simple black tank top. Only trouble (blessing?) is that she ditched her bra, which made it very easy for the paparazzi to get great see-through shots. Not that we haven't seen the goods on...
3 days ago
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Bella Thorne misses Coachella to be colorful in New York for her new show

If you were thinking that there was someone missing from this past weekend's Coachella festivities, you were right. Bella Thorne , who has become as well known for showing off unnatural hair colors and under/side boob shows as Ariel Winter, had to miss the first weekend of Coachella while she was in New York for the promotion of her new 10-episode show based on the YA book, Famous in Love ....
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Hilary Duff bounces that booty down the boardwalk

I sure hope the seemingly intensive running Hilary Duff is suffering through here isn't intended to do any harm to the thickness of that ass she so famously carries around behind her. I got no problem with Hilary wanting to stay in shape, but I'd also hate to think she's turned against what's become her biggest and best calling card. I'm not sure I want to live in a world where we don't...
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Michelle Rodriguez sparkles at the New York premiere of Fate of the Furious

We live in a world where a woman like Michelle Rodriguez shouldn't have found the success she has as an actress. Not to say that she's not talented - I've loved her gravelly way of delivering lines since GIRL FIGHT - or that she's not beautiful because clearly, duh. But the fact that MRod has upheld her high pop culture status while not wearing much makeup, openly flaunting her sexuality in...
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Krysten Ritter slips into Jessica Jones' denim & leather on Defenders set

If you think it took a long time for us to get that Veronica Mars movie and finally dive back into the high-jinx of the alumni of Neptune High, well, you better buckle up buttercup, because it's going to be a long wait until we get the second season of Jessica Jones . First we got to meet NetFlix's Matt Murdock in the form of Charlie Cox. Then a little Jessica. Then a little bit more Matt....
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Christina Milian lives the curvy life at #CurveYourReality Launch Event

Here's something else to remind us of the overwhelming influence Twitter has had on the world. Not only can't our President-elect keep his thumbs in check, but promotional coordinators are titling events with shit like #CurveYourReality. I'm all for hash tagging, even referencing it; but do we have to actually start naming campaigns, events, ect. with them? Anyway, no one...
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Karlie Kloss slaps on the chaps & does some Xmas shopping in NYC

There's a trend going around, bringing back the leather chaps, which I'm all for. I don't know what it is about seeing a chick in a pair of denim jeans with leather slathered over them but it's good to me. Then again, if you look close enough at the ones Karlie Kloss is wearing, you'll notice that they're not just leather chaps but an entire leg & footwear system that has the sexiness of a...
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Malin Akerman had no use for a bra at the Gotham Independent Film Awards

Malin Akerman is the kind of "down for whatever" hottie [that] Hollywood needs more of. I used to think a limited range is what prevented her from becoming of mega-movie star, but the first season of Showtime's BILLIONS provides enough evidence that she has improved as an actress. This means there's still time for Malin to become the rare kind of movie hottie we seek: A...
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The red carpet belongs to Kate Beckinsale in a slender cut-out dress

Almost every time Kate Beckinsale's hotness is openly discussed, which is quite often, it's always her regal beauty that gets the most verbal mileage. So let's take a minute to acknowledge her seemingly nondepletable energy supply. There's hardly a high profile event she doesn't intend, a small public appearance she doesn't happily grace with her present nor a...
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Lily Collins is prettier than a picture for Museum of Moving Images salute

I had figured that we were going to be seeing a lot more of Lily Collins than we have in the past couple of years. After booking that YA adaptation gig with THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series, it was a easy bet to think that Hollywood was setting up Phil's little girl to be the next Jennifer Lawrence but after CITY OF BONES failed to do the kind of business that Katniss commands, Lily has...
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Giddy up! Lady Gaga is one cheeky cowgirl in New York

She was sporting some major cameltoe when performing on last week's Saturday Night Live , not that an artist like Lady Gaga would care about her clothing getting eaten by her vagina, but the singer was still full of sexy when leaving her hotel in New York, wearing a very short pair of denim cutoffs and rocking a cowgirl hat and boots. With her engagement to actor Taylor Kinney off and...
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Scarlett Johansson's body is ready to rock on the set of Rock That Body

When deciding who to cast in the lead role for a movie entitled ROCK THAT BODY, Scarlett Johansson was probably on top a short list of potential hotties. Let's be real, it was a no-brainer – even though, according to IMDb, ROCK THAT BODY refers to a dead male stripper's body [that] Scar Jo and costar Kate MacKinnon are involved with. Despite that minor plot inconvenience, and...
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