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Newly married Zoe Saldana wears Gucci well at the 2013 LACMA Art & Film Gala

I had completely missed the fact that Zoe Saldana got married this past June, but it might have had something to do with the fact that she and Italian artist Marco Perego kept it pretty darn secret. Now, Zoe is making her profile decidedly more public as she attends the 2013 LACMA Art & Film Gala (for the record, any of you who choose to take a vacation to Southern California should...
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Lake Bell's A-list rack is pure art at the Whitney Museum Gala

In a world where there is a brilliantly funny and compelling actress like Lake Bell , who needs for her to have a genetically "perfect" face? I keep thinking that every time that I check Bell out at her various events and whatnot, this time her red carpet posing for the 2013 Whitney Art Gala, which she attended with her new husband, a dude who looks way too straight laced to be a tattoo...
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