Pia Toscano in her tight white dress is hotter than puck

Seems like every week now we get a new awards show. I've begun to feel like Woody Allen in ANNIE HALL, complaining about how they're always giving out awards to people. It used to be that there was an award season, within which they had a handful of prominent award events early in the year for the unabashed butt-kissing of stand outs in various fields that some organization determined needed...

Sexy TwitPics: Paulina Gretzky

Despite living in an area inhabited by overzealous basketball fanatics who seem to use it to kick their cocaine habits, I couldn't help but notice the NHL season was getting started. It's never been my cup of tea to "check out a game", but when that game is hockey, I'm not disappointed very often. Perhaps movies have tricked my brain into thinking hockey's a more interesting game than it...

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