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Kristen Bell leads the pack of hotties getting sort of nude for Allure

Allure magazine has come out with their semi-annual nude edition, where they take some hotties who don't normally get naked and pay them to do so without really showing anything in a ploy that has absolutely nothing to do with drumming up publicity or increasing sales. But no one cares about their motivations. Kristen Bell , Jenna Dewan Nia Long and Minnie Driver got nude for this, sort...

Nia Long brings an awesome pair to the Single Mom's Club premiere

I can still remember Nia Long being that young thing on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," just as well as I can remember Will Smith being that young jug-eared kid on the same show. The fact that Long is now 43-years old and just as much of an established actress as she is a full-fledged MILF is easy to see in these images of her at the red carpet Hollywood premiere of her latest film, Tyler...

Nia Long nearly falls out of her dress at the LA premiere of Best Man Holiday

I'm rather proud of THE BEST MAN HOLIDAY, who took in great numbers at the box office this past weekend , whether or not those who consider it so because of the schedule change for Scorsese's THE WOLF OF WALL STEET. People like to see ensemble casts that the became enamored of reuniting, just ask the people over at Entertainment Weekly who rake the bucks in when they release their issues with...

Hot or Not: Nia Long

Seems as if there is still plenty of love for that vegan nutjob, Alicia Silverstone, if the commentary from last week's Hot or Not selection is any indicator. I have to wonder, though... is that because you had a thing for her back in the day and you're riding the nostalgia fumes to the hottie bank? If that's the case, then I might be hearing the same feedback about this week's...

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