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Nicole Beharie & all of her damn clothes pose for the new no-nudity Playboy

I honestly can't get too mad about the photoshoot Nicole Beharie did for the new no-nudity version of Playboy magazine. The "Sleepy Hollow" actress still looks sexy as all get out and there are some good shots of that awesome ass of hers. And if you've watched the movie SHAME like I have, you can use your imagination looking at these pics to superimpose the vision of those perky breasts of...
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Jordana Brewster, Katheryn Winnick & more get nude for Allure

The 2015 issue of Allure magazine seems to have ulterior selling motives with the roster of beautiful women they enlisted to shed their clothing. Between the insane success of FURIOUS SEVEN roadcasting the last time we're going to see Jordana Brewster as Mia Toretto and the constantly swirling rumours that "Vikings" star Katheryn Winnick will get picked up to play Captain...
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Top Ten Hottest MILFs of 2013

Everybody loves a sexy mom, right? That's the concept which floats across the movie making industry, as they cast hot actress after hot actress to play maternal figures in everything from dramas to comedies to action flicks to superhero sagas. If she's a badass, that's only more of a plus. So here's my Top Ten favorite movie MILFs from this past year.
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Hottie Report Card: Nicole Beharie

When Letsgotothemall successfully crammed "Sleepy Hollow" star Nicole Beharie into my thick skull for consideration, I only hesitated because I really don't know too much about the lady. Aside from a topless scene in SHAME and a photoshoot for Esquire magazine, Nicole is somewhat of a new student in a class full of already well-established hotties. Frankly, I...
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