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W Magazine picks the hotties who made 2016 and makes them even hotter

Some interesting things happening in W magazine's movie issue. For one thing, they've amassed an impressive collection of Hollywood's top hotties for their spread. There's also a surprising amount of pseudo-lesbianism happening here. They're not quite swapping spit or going down on each other, but some of these pics imply just that is about to happen. I'm quite keen on the idea of Emma Stone...
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Nicole Kidman is doubly glam for Lion press conference & Governors Awards

Kate Beckinsale wasn't the only one doing double duty this past weekend. Nicole Kidman was on the promo trail for her upcoming new movie, LION, which focuses on a young Indian boy who is adopted by a couple in Australia (played by Kidman and 300's David Wenham) and goes back to his home country decades later. Kidman herself knows a thing or two about being an adoptive parent, having adopted...
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Hottie Clip: Nicole Kidman in To Die For

If you're looking for something to celebrate, it just so happens to be  Nicole Kidman 's 49th b-day today! Refuse to believe that number all you want, but it remains true. Our favorite redheaded Aussie minx has been around for almost half a century, and she's spent the better part of it tightening our underwear. Sadly, younger generations may not be as familiar with...
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Nicole Kidman's bikini body is holding up nicely

Who would have thought all these years after I first became enamored with Nicole Kidman in her early Aussie days in stuff like DEAD CALM, or even earlier in personal favorite 80s cheesefests like BMX BANDITS, that we could all still find cause to celebrate her in a bikini. Sure, she hasn't endured those days completely intact. Girl has gone through some changes in her life since then....
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Top 6 Sexiest Witches in Movies

Historically speaking, witches haven't always been looked at by society as particularly attractive. Apart from the occasional spell cast to make themselves look attractive, they've usually been depicted as nasty hags. It's only in the last half a century or so that the witch has enjoyed a chance of perspective, going from hags to hotties in many TV shows, movies and other...
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Nicole Kidman looks sharp in black & white photoshoot for Interview magazine

We haven't seen a photoshoot of Nicole Kidman this good in a long time. I love that photographer Fabien Baron captured the 48-year old Aussie's strengths (her legginess has always been a plus, even in Tom Cruise's short world) and didn't resort to tactics requiring major Photoshop. Kidman has famously been known for her overusage of Botox and in many of the shoots she's done for fashion...
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Here's your class of 2015 Academy Awards red carpet hotties

I have nothing to say about who won and lost at the Oscars last night. I've gotten past the point where I get emotionally distraught when something I love doesn't win (mainly because what I love doesn't even get enough love to get nominated in the first place). But I will say a few things about the various dresses and whatnot that the women at the Academy Award were wearing, since that's a...
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BOTB Celeb BFFs: Taylor & Karlie vs Rihanna & Katy vs Nicole & Naomi

Last week was a bit confusing for me, even if it was one of the most commented Battle of the Babes in a long time. For the most part I wasn't alone in thinking that Kate or Kelly were less deserving of being called overrated and Kim Kardashian turned out to be the most reviled of the three options presented. We still have a few more months until National Best Friend Day is upon us...
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Face Off: Nicole Kidman vs. Cate Blanchett

It was a fairly solid win for Emilie de Ravin over Maggie Grace in last week's Face Off. I don't know about you, but that was yet another time when my vote came down to superficiality. In any real world scenario, I'd be delirious with happiness to have either one. Seems like people are finding this PADDINGTON movie rather charming, despite the fact that Nicole Kidman's...
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Nicole Kidman let something slip out at the CMAs

Nicole Kidman has never been the sort to let a little nudity or a lot of nudity, as the case may be, get in the way of her pursuit of art, or whatever. Still, I gotta wonder how much purposeful attention goes into showing off your nipples in a see thru dress to the whole of the country music listening world, as she did the other night at the CMAs. Now, you know damn well that as soon as...
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Hottie Report Card: Nicole Kidman

I never thought I would be doing a Hottie Report Card for Nicole Kidman , a 47-year-old hottie who shined mostly in the '90's. However, after deciding to not grade Sheri Moon Zombie due to a lack of high quality images, Nicole seems the most qualified as she can be seen this weekend in BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP . The mystery-suspense film is about a woman who wakes up everyday...
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Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Hottest Teachers from Movies

Everybody has that one special teacher we remember fondly, not necessarily because they taught us anything special or broadened our minds in some goofy way like that. I'm speaking of those teachers who were so hot we couldn't wait to show up to class each day. You know the one I'm talking about. For me it was Ms. Evans from 8th grade English with the low cut tops, tight skirts and legs...
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