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Eddie's ex, Nicole Murphy, looks damn good in a bikini even after 5 kids

If you're like me, you may remember some of the stand-up that Eddie Murphy did in those famous specials, DELIRIOUS and RAW, and how he talked about not wanting to get married and have kids and all that shit. When Eddie did decide to marry, he most definitely found a woman worth giving half of his everything to in the gorgeous Nicole Murphy . Nicole had been a model before becoming one of the...
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The Bikini Roundup - September 2014

What a weird summer this was. Things just didn't feel like they should during the summer months. About the only thing that remained unharmed by depression, disease or disaster this summer were the bikinis. It was a banner year for beautiful bodies in tiny beach wear. Yet as good as these beautiful bodies are, I welcome Autumn's arrival. It's just too bad we have to say goodbye to bikini...
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The Bikini Round Up: May 2013

May 2013 proved to be quite the popular month for bikini-clad hotties doing their thing both in and out of the water. We do our best to keep you up-to-date on what's happening in this particular area of hottiedom, but in these warm spring and summer months we sometimes miss a few of the rapid fire bikini babe moments coming down the pipe. That's what this column is all about. So...
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