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Happy 54th birthday to tasty British dish Nigella Lawson

It was a particularly tough 2013 for Nigella Lawson . It started out with that rather unfortunate and bizarre choking incident between Nigella and her now ex-husband, art collector Charles Satcchi, which generated all kinds of bad press. That was only outdone by the widely publicized scandal and trial of her two former assistants who were supposedly using Nigella's credit cards in return...

In Bullshit News: Nigella Lawson's husband chokes her in public, says it was "playful tiff"

The 53-year old curvaceous chef who defies the rules about how drinking, smoking and eating rich foods will make you be aged and ugly, Nigella Lawson was attacked by her husband, Charles Saatchi, while the couple were dining at a restaurant in London last Saturday. Saatchi, a millionaire art dealer, began to draw attention from other restaurant patrons when he started yelling at his wife...

Revisiting Nigella Lawson and her bodacious curves in high resolution glory

Only a week or so back, I posted about Food Network's bite-able Italian goddess, Nigella Lawson and made the note that she was 53-years old. She still is, but I HAVE to share with you the newest, highest resolution images that I found of that famous book signing, where she was unfortunately flanked by the disgusting ginger in Crocs. I can't get over how f*cking amazing Nigella looks, her...

Nigella Lawson is a mighty fine reason to be watching some more Food Network

There's an old saying that you should never trust a skinny chef. When it comes to certain bobble-headed Italian chefs who get a lot of attention on the Food Network (G.ood L.uck won't convince me to eat anything those fake man hands that assemble the food on her show make), I'd rather skip right over them to Nigella Lawson the incredibly vivacious and voluptuous Italian chef who was making...

ABC brings the Cuthbert, Milano, Ritter and Lawson hotness for their Winter TCA Tour

I've always associated ABC programming with family type shit. For years they've been the go to place for wholesome shows about loving families and happy times. Even their stuff that isn't as wholesome and loving still often has some kind of family slant to it. Maybe that's just because Disney owns them, but whenever I hear about something from ABC, I'm always thinking family friendly. And that...

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