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Dakota Fanning gets a red rump for her Night Moves

Dakota Fanning continues to surprise me with her various hottie attributes. Just recently she impressed with her assets up top. Yesterday it was just her ass in general Dakota decided we should all learn to appreciate at the premiere of her movie NIGHT MOVES. Granted, that's not a ghetto booty degree of butt flesh, but she's sporting a cute little tush nonetheless - more than I realized...

Blame it on Brazil as Dakota Fanning wows in red at the Rio Film Festival debut of Night Moves

Dakota Johnson might be getting a lot of attention for grabbing the lead in the film adaptation of the risque novel 50 Shades of Grey but it's "real" actress, 19-year old Dakota Fanning who really has the chops around here. Dakota was on hand over the weekend for the premiere of her film NIGHT MOVES at the Rio International Film Festival where she was seen wearing a gorgeous red gown and...

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