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Nina Dobrev brings her lovely hotness to prestigious pages

I wonder if it pisses Nina Dobrev off that they still keep associating her with all this vampire stuff. Having left The Vampire Diaries a bit ago for what she hopes will be greener pastures, I would think she would frown on magazines like this from continuing to keep her tethered to her old exploits. Time will tell if she has cause to get pissy about being synonymous with vampires. If...
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BOTB CW Babes: Blake Lively vs Nina Dobrev vs Sophia Bush

Last week I kind of expected A DOG'S PURPOSE to crash and burn after its negative publicity but the film nearly managed to topple the word-of-mouth return to form greatness of M. Night in box office draw. I also wasn't expecting to see Amanda Seyfried as the top babe of that match up, mainly because I have such a thing for Katharine McPhee, I figured everyone else would be on my page....
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Face Off: Nina Dobrev vs. Ashley Benson

It was an overwhelming majority vote for Michelle Monaghan over Mandy Moore in last week's battle of the double "M" hotties. I wont criticize anyone for going with Michelle. She's damn hot. I stand by Mandy though. There's just something about her that's always done it for me. xXx: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE seems to be going great guns at the international box office. I would...
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All the best hotties showed up for the xXx Hollywood premiere

Vin Diesel's return to the xXx franchise seems to be eliciting a lot of excitement. It's funny how putting that guy together with crazy stunts and fast cars always buries the box office in green. Maybe even more exciting is the lineup of hotties they've put together for this thing, most of whom were in attendance for the big LA premiere of xXx: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE. Some of the hottest...
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Nina Dobrev has got legs and she knows how to use them

Nina Dobrev is definitely making an exacting effort to defy the odds, transitioning from a show on the CW into major motion pictures. Not only did she land a role in the latest installment to the Vin Diesel action franchise xXx: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE (Xander Cage... LOL), this girl has three more wide releases cued up. Getting sidetracked: The great Tony Jaa also has a role in the...
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Nina Dobrev gets treated like royalty at London premiere of new XXX movie

I've always known that I'm not alone in my affection for the limber & beautiful Nina Dobrev , but this guy right here takes the cake: At the splashy London premiere of Nina's new movie, XXX: THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE , the handmade sign this guy made, proclaiming Dobrev to be his queen, certainly had the right about of yum to the bait, as he got a chance to hug the gorgeous brunette...
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Marry/Date/Friend: Anna Paquin vs Kristen Stewart vs Nina Dobrev

When it came to the ladies of Christmas movies, you were fans of all but dominated by the awesome ass of Elizabeth Banks, who ranked the top pick for wife material out of the three. It was an even mix of those who were partial to friending or dating Zooey Deschanel and Lauren Graham, with only one vote each for those two being your favorite choice for long term love. I'll be...
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Nina Dobrev's tight bikini booty spotted in Brazil

Who doesn't love waking up to a rare occurrence? Even though she's been a well-known hottie for the better part of a decade, Nina Dobrev has been able to keep sightings of her thong-wearing ass to a minimum. That's why these photos of her recreational time spent in Brazil are such a treat, made all the more interesting by images of Nina chugging Smirnoff right out of the...
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Nina Dobrev never takes a break from being hot

Whether she's at work, at play or attending high profile events like the American Music Awards, Nina Dobrev never looks anything less than drop-dead gorgeous. It's also worth noting she's doing a damn good job at the daunting task laid before her: staying relevant after starring in a CW show. I doubt anyone ever guaranteed her [that] THE VAMPIRE DIARIES was a steppingstone to...
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Nina Dobrev shows off her healthy hotness for the men (UPDATE WITH NEW PICS)

I'm not sure what Nina Dobrev in a swimsuit has to do with Men's Health or tech guides for 2017. Then again this is supposedly a guy's magazine, so it makes sense they would include a pic of a hot girl to accompany their various articles, as is tradition with most things purporting to speak to guys. After all, we all have sex on our minds. Isn't that right, ladies? Yeah, they're usually...
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Top 6 Hotties With Gorgeous Legs (video)

I quote the legendary ZZ Top which said "she got legs, she knows how to use them...would you get behind them if you could only find them?" Sadly, we don't think about the legs as much anymore. It used to be the quality of the gams was all one had to go on to size up a dame. Nowadays, with fashions leaving little to the imagination, everybody is naturally too busy looking...
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Nina Dobrev was a lavender dream at the MTV European VMAs

MTV calls them the EMAs because they're the European Music Awards, so I guess the whole video part has been fully put to bed across the Atlantic, unlike in the states where we keep that as a part of the nostalgia for the time when the music network used to play videos. Now the entire world is comprised of videos that anyone can make, eliminating that desire to stay up until midnight because...
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