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Everybody is happy when Kelly Brook is around

Living on a different continent isn't stopping Kelly Brook from getting attention and publicizing herself. Back home in London she was a common face out in public, promoting whatever. Now that she's living in LA, she's down on Manhattan Beach Pier helping Sketchers sell shoes and opening all kinds of new opportunities for American's to come and worship her huge tits just like the Brits have...
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(UPDATED!) Here's Megan Fox on the lot of the TMNT movie. Does anyone care?

When we first heard the news that Megan Fox would be portraying April O'Neil in the Michael Bay remake of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (formerly titled CRIME-FIGHTING CGI TURTLES FROM SPACE), I wonder if she heard the universal sigh coming from movie nerds on the internet. Probably not, since she quit Twitter after a day, and probably learned to avoid people like us after all that...
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Megan Fox gets out the red dye, starts bringing April O'Neil to life

It's been a wonderful life since Michael Bay and Megan Fox made peace over the harsh words they had previously slung back and forth at one another. This means that we get to see Megan looking Bay hot (glossy, lingering close-ups, bared tummy, licked lips aplenty) again, this time in NINJA TURTLES, the remaking of the popular underground fighting mutant amphibious reptiles. And filming must be...
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