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Emmy Rossum is just plain hot in a tight, zebra stripe dress

I hate the fact that every time I put up anything with Emmy Rossum , it's almost always got to be something involving or mentioning Shameless. I try not to mention it, because it sounds like I'm suggesting that she's a one trick pony or that this show is the only thing she's good for. I guess that's kind of true, at least as far as her career goes. Not a lot else happening there, which is...
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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley skips the Victoria's Secret while on the catwalk in Paris

With barely a stitch of make-up on, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley took to the runway at a fashion show for the designer Balmain at Fashion Week in Paris wearing a lot less in other places as well. The UK model, sometimes-actress and girlfriend to sexy Jason Statham closed the show in a daring top that criss-crossed her chest in a strategic pattern that left nothing to the imagination. She might...
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Lady Gaga goes nearly make-upless to an outrageous art exhibit in the Hamptons

Lady Gaga is known for being the center of attention most places that she goes, but over the weekend she stopped by a "Heaven & Hell" art exhibit which made use of a lot of live, nude or partially nude models in different states of the aforementioned cloudy and hot places. The thing that caused the stir this time, if you can even call it one, is the fact that Miss Gaga showed up with bleached...
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From the Celebrities are Imperfect Too Files: Guess that Gut!

It's a curious thing, the way that the media plays out a celebrity looking frumpy, either with pictures featuring an actress without the pancake makeup that ANYONE would need to look good in high definition to the tiny bumps that really skinny actresses get when they've actually indulged in a meal without it being steamed fish and brown rice. Food babies, I think they end up being called, after...
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