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Scarlett Johansson in Playboy is definitely not what your dreams expected

The world kinda sucks right now. Adding insult to injury, we're finally getting the chance to see Scarlett Johansson in Playboy and she's 100% completely clothed. Now, I'm not saying that I don't support the feminist side of ScarJo, I really like that as she's maneuvered through her career she's learned how to channel that lust men have for her into something more substantial than constant...
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Playboy continues to disappoint with a fully clothed Bella Thorne shoot

One would think that this photoshoot of Bella Thorne was destined for the pages of Teen Vogue, what with its cheeky delivery of some mild cleavage from the former Disney star but nooooooo, it's another nail in the coffin of Playboy, the once great men's magazine that featured beautiful women posing in various states of undress. It's not that the lack of nudity is bumming me out...
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No way Jose! Canseco's little girl Josie is all grown up & in Playboy

Some might argue that her mother's Playboy pictorial (that link is very NSFW, fyi) was hotter and they might be right, if your idea of hotter is far more skin showing. But as far as this newer, tame, no-nudity Playboy goes, this is probably one of the hotter spreads that the neutered magazine has done. Josie Canseco , daughter of Jessica and Jose Canseco, is nearly 20-years old, making her...
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Camille Rowe's '70's inspired shoot for Playboy is no nudity but still hot

Playboy is certainly sticking to its guns with this recent revamp, taking out all of the glossy, highly polished shots of fake breasts and overly-aerobicized tender bits and going for the throwback looks of see-through gauzy tops and hints of hips. French model Camille Rowe doesn't need all of that Photoshopped fancy garbage, although I can't say that it wouldn't be nice to see her in her...
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It's a trap! Sara Jean Underwood in Star Wars regalia for new, no-nudity Playboy

I know, I know. We've already been over how Playboy has decided to ditch the famous nude girls on glossy pages format of lore in favor of more articles and far too much clothing. (Hef, why did you start to believe the bullshit about reading the magazine for the articles NOW ??) The leaner, meaner, blonder version of Olivia Munn, Sara Jean Underwood underwent a lot of hours in the makeup...
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Nicole Beharie & all of her damn clothes pose for the new no-nudity Playboy

I honestly can't get too mad about the photoshoot Nicole Beharie did for the new no-nudity version of Playboy magazine. The "Sleepy Hollow" actress still looks sexy as all get out and there are some good shots of that awesome ass of hers. And if you've watched the movie SHAME like I have, you can use your imagination looking at these pics to superimpose the vision of those perky breasts of...
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Paper magazine fails expectations with their Jennifer Lopez spread

Paper magazine, the people responsible for "breaking the internet" with Kim K's huge oily ass and going whole hog with Miley Cyrus' dirty hippie teet has done it again... NOT. A missed opportunity if there ever was one, the magazine is focusing on  Jennifer Lopez for their September 2015 issue and not only is there no nipple action in sight, they apparently forgot that Lopez is...
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Lizzy Caplan's Playboy spread is a huge missed opportunity

In the July/August 2015 issue of Playboy magazine, "Masters of Sex" star Lizzy Caplan is given the 20 questions treatment for their long-running series of interviews with topical celebrities. Famous actresses have appeared in the pages of the popular men's magazine for years now and we're used to those who've appeared not getting interviews and those being interviewed...
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Jessica Alba covers Glamour magazine, explains why she's strictly no-nudity

It's been a long time since Jessica Alba has been our "Dark Angel," but the now 33-year old mother of two is not slacking on the hotness, even after years, kids and constant complaining from the fan boys about her refusal to get nude in films. Now, in Glamour magazine, Alba is explaining her "weird" reason for not doffing her duds on screen. "I don't...
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Lindsay Lohan gets boringly chaste for pervy Terry

As she tries to resurrect some inkling of respect, Lindsay Lohan has been answering pointed questions from Oprah and showcasing her version of the truth. She's also appearing in promotions and photoshoots, but because she's still our LiLo, she's gone back to pervy photographer Terry Richardson for the second or third time, depending on how much you believe about their rumoured sexual...
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