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Irina Shayk finds herself in a few bizarrely sexy outfits

I love seeing Irina Shayk wear strange shit. Is that a strange statement? I guess what I mean is that Irina can pull off damn near anything (especially a revealing bikini), so when she has to wear a strange dominatrix outfit with undone thigh high leather boots and no back and a weird leash thing, I enjoy seeing her still being able to pull it off. If you're confused with any of that...

Karen Gillan is a mesmerizingly adorable addition to the spectrum of hotties

Short hair haters be damned. If there was one hottie that put my conspiracy theories to rest (you know, the one that says that ladies always look hotter and more beautiful with long hair than short hair no matter what) it's Karen Gillan . Of course, long hair is incredible and is just about the sexiest thing a lady can rock, but Karen has so come into this look that I'm...

Uh-oh! Ciara forgets her pants at the People's Choice Awards Nominations

When you've got a pair of legs as fit and cut at singer Ciara's , I guess the decision to go pantsless early in the morning is a great idea. So that's what she did, showing up to the People's Choice Awards nominations announcements on Tuesday morning, wearing a long jacket and an otherwise stylish outfit, sans the pants. The singer, who released her latest hit "The...


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