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Kim Kardashian takes her baby & her boobs out for a walk in NY

I don't have an Instagram account. To paraphrase the lines used by Kat Dennings' Max on "2 Broke Girls," that site is like Twitter for people who can't read. So I was unaware that Kim Kardashian was the number one member on the popular website. I knew that she was ridiculous owner of the most profitable Twitter account, getting rewarded for tweeting links to companies...
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Kim Kardashian is looking big and bust and all Kim Kardashianey

Kim Kardashian isn't necessarily someone that I'd choose to write about on any given day, but, hey, boobs! Here she is "shopping" in Beverly Hills busting out of her outfit every which way. Definitely a MILF in her own way, I guess I'm happy to see Kim making her way out into the public eye again, even if it is for a little bit of attention. However, I'm not Kanye or Kim and I have no idea...
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