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Summer Glau, The nerds Aphrodite, attends Chicago Comic Con

Firefly fan boys are some of the most dedicated enthusiast you will ever come across. Years after a single season run and feature-length capstone, the loyalists still don the brown coat in attendance to nostalgic Q&A panels; honoring the brief sci-fi franchise. The nimble Summer Glau probably has something to do with the refuse-to-die enthusiasm. She captured the hearts and minds of...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Lee Meredith

You've heard of "Flashback Friday", and if you're hip, you've most certainly heard of "Throwback Thursday", but what about "Way Back Wednesday"? Yes, I looked it up and discovered that such an internet trend already exists, despite my certainty that it was too stupid to have been invented. Regardless, that might as well be the theme of...
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Winnie from The Wonder Years comes out of hiding to help out Avril Lavigne

WHAT WOULD YOU DOOOOO IF I SANG OUT OF TUUUUUUUNE?! So…random news event for the day, but apparently Douchey McDouche Douche's wife, Avril Lavigne is getting some help from Danica McKellar (also known as Winnie from The Wonder Years, hence the title and song at the beginning), for her new music video. While the song is probably going to put multiple people into life-long...
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Katherine Webb shows up to support 1960's Batman nostalgia. "Boing!"

Who would've known that sportscaster Brent Musburger's inappropriate remarks towards Katherine Webb would turn out to wonders for her in the following months. Since then, Katherine's gone on to be featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and star in "Splash", the most ridiculous new reality programs to enter what is already a pool of ridiculous reality programming. It's nice to see...
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The owner of the iconic leg from The Graduate poster has been revealed!

This should be an interesting tidbit of information for those of you who are fans of the timeless classic THE GRADUATE and remember watching cheesy '80's drama series on television. As you may have guessed, the iconic sexy leg featured on the nostalgic GRADUATE poster wasn't owned by Anne Bancroft, who so devilishly portrayed the seductive Mrs. Robinson in the film. The leg in that poster...
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