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Lisalla Montenegro gives us fun, nostalgic and super sexy pics to ogle at

Wow. I don't know who this little lady is or for what purpose these photos were taken, but this is a wonderfully spectacular and sexy little photoshoot with a model that goes by the name of Lisalla Montenegro . This is just a fun, sexy, visually interesting photoshoot and props to everyone involved for making this look not only cool as hell, but ridiculously hot. It's also very different and...
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Did you know Martha Stewart used to be hot?

I certainly wouldn't have guessed it myself. I'd always thought Martha Stewart came out of the womb as a 50-year-old and just started redecorating shit. Well, before she was famous for editing Martha Stewart Living , she was apparently a model for some time. It started well over 50 years ago, when she was 15-years-old (she's 71 now). She appeared in several advertisements in television and...
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