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Lisalla Montenegro gives us fun, nostalgic and super sexy pics to ogle at

Wow. I don't know who this little lady is or for what purpose these photos were taken, but this is a wonderfully spectacular and sexy little photoshoot with a model that goes by the name of Lisalla Montenegro . This is just a fun, sexy, visually interesting photoshoot and props to everyone involved for making this look not only cool as hell, but ridiculously hot. It's also very different and...

Did you know Martha Stewart used to be hot?

I certainly wouldn't have guessed it myself. I'd always thought Martha Stewart came out of the womb as a 50-year-old and just started redecorating shit. Well, before she was famous for editing Martha Stewart Living , she was apparently a model for some time. It started well over 50 years ago, when she was 15-years-old (she's 71 now). She appeared in several advertisements in television and...

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