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Emily Ratajkowski in a nude dress is almost as good as her being nude

Right around the time that people were amping up for that fight of the century that turned out to be the snooze of the century, Emily Ratajkowski was prepping for the night... and posting a totally nude selfie on her Instagram. The image was deleted quickly but of course, there were people quick enough to capture it. ( Click here for the NSFW image. ) So it's probably a smart idea on her...
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Would you tap that? (Rooney Mara)

I can't remember off hand if the people behind the fashion image that is Calvin Klein go for the super skinny crap that has been debated recently after the head of Abercrombie & Fitch came out and talked smack about anyone who wears over a size 4 (or whatever nonsense that was). I just know that while Rooney Mara is a tender, wispy alien-looking woman who has been praised for her acting in...
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