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Flashback Friday: We've Had Some Fast Times With Jennifer Jason Leigh

The other night I was watching FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH again, which I haven't seen in a long time. Like most folks, it's Phoebe Cates and her beloved topless bikini scene that came to mind when I started watching it. That's a great scene, no doubt. The thing a lot of people overlook is that Phoebe is only in a handful of scenes in that movie, essentially playing a slutty Jiminy...

Flashback Friday: I'm still kinda crushing on 80s Kim Cattrall

Were you like me as a kid and prone to crushing on all the girls? I was so pathetic that way. I used to get horrible crushes on all the girls at my school. And my beautiful English teacher Ms. Evans with the long, graceful legs. And the hot hairdresser my mom took me too that always shoved her tits in my face as she cut my hair. And the repeated sight of Kim Cattrall dancing around and...

Flashback Friday: I Still Want Elisabeth Shue To Be My Babysitter

Kids of the 80s had a ton of dream hotties to melt our young hearts. Yet few were so adept at turning up the heat on an adolescent ticker as Elisabeth Shue . She was always the one with the girl next door look about her, which made Elisabeth the go to person for girlfriend roles back in the day. And thus that's what she was for most of her early career in movies like THE KARATE KID and...

Gillian Jacobs is hotter than Alison Brie & Sharp Magazine proves it

I know I can't possibly be the only person out there who DOESN'T have a thing for Alison Brie . We're just all so fearful of the backlash if we outwardly admit it. So I'm here, giving us non-Brie lovers a chance to feel safe and declare what's right and true - if you had to pick between Brie and her "Community" co-star Gillian Jacobs, you'd go with Gillian. I know I would. I've seen the...

Kate Winslet is classy hot in black & white

Kate Winslet is the personification of refinement in her latest spread for Haper's Bazaar. My number one crush for coming up on two decades now and she still looks amazing. Like many folks who love Kate, you probably became truly invested in her hottie charms thanks to that modest indie flick about that boat in the ocean that hit a rock or something. What the hell was that called? Gigantic?...

Emmy Rossum wraps her awesome hips in spandex

One must admit that Emmy Rossum wears a set of spandex leggings rather well. They do a fine job of enhancing those lovely hips of hers. However, having seen most of her show Shameless, I have to say that seeing her in anything at all is mostly redundant at this point. She goes without clothing so often on that show, I think most regular viewers probably know her body better than their own...

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