Emily Ratajkowski's literal take on bareback horse riding

This current collaboration between Harper's Bazaar and burger babe turned exploitation queen Emily Ratajkowski reminds me of the Playboy spreads of old, even if the nudity is only implied. They used to do shit like this all the time, whether it was photographing the playmate of the month bent over a bale of hay or one of their celebrity go to girls like Pamela Anderson, tits out on the...
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Hottie Clip: Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street

Nothing spells "independence" like the freedom to watch  Margot Robbie  do the nasty with a bloke who was raised by monkeys this weekend in THE LEGEND OF TARZAN . Our soon-to-be Harley Quinn has had one hell of a year or two, but just as Tarzan always remembers his vines, Robbie should never forget her roots. Her breakout role in Scorsese's THE WOLF OF...
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Face Off: Charlotte McKinney vs. Sara Jean Underwood

Seemed like the majority of you weren't ready to replace Christina Hendricks with Ariel Winter as the new name in curvaceous hotness. I understand. Christina has built up quite the devoted fan base over the years, myself among them. Ariel has a lot of work to do before she catches up with Christina's legacy as a big titty show off. Speaking of show offs. It's a given both...
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Might as well raid Abigail Ratchford's Instagram page while we're at it

We just revisited Sara Jean Underwood's Instagram the other day. She certainly makes the case for the value of social media. The opportunity to peruse hotties taking selfies in minimal states of dress is pretty much the only reason I have to visit any of the social media sites with any regularity. Another hottie who makes a really, really great case for sites like Instagram progressing...
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Sara Jean Underwood loves being au naturel in nature

For the last month or so, Sara Jean Underwood has been gradually posting pics of her trips to Glacier National Park and various other natural locations in the US on her Instagram page. Of course, being Sara, she couldn't just do the normal hiking and swimming and whatnot like the rest of us. Nah, that just wouldn't be Sara. She had to do her trail hiking in a set of super tight leggings,...
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Cara Delevingne looks totally mountable in I Am Not Your Trophy campaign

For a model that Hollywood is currently obsessed with, I can't say I've been entirely won over by Cara Delevingne just yet. I couldn't bring myself to watch PAN, in PAPER TOWNS she's passable at best in a role that she's miscast for (if you read and cared anything about the book) and I'm going to take a wild stab and suggest that no one will really care too much about her character in...
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Maxim dubs Stella Maxwell the world's hottest women

That's right, Stella Maxwell​ is queen of the hill, top of the heap, a one percenter; what other sexy tranches fill in the mising 99% of Maxim's top 100 women of 2016 list? - you'll have to wait until June 14th to find out. Kind of backwards isn't it, revealing the top lass before ticking off her inferior competition? The headline should read: Major Spoiler. I want to...
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Charlotte Mckinney kicks it up a notch for Daybook shoot

​Day books are simple journals that are used to record daily events as they occur. Books of this type provide a daily written document that normally includes details such as the date, time of day, and the basic data regarding the event. Thanks to for filling me in. Let me return the favor by filling you in on what photographers like Tony Duran use them for: As a...
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Face Off: Megan Fox vs. Amber Heard

The prevailing school of thought was that Jennifer Lawrence was the better choice when compared to Olivia Munn , because Jen has the talent and the looks while Olivia mostly just has the looks. You might not have known such was the case though if you only saw them in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE this weekend. Jen just seemed to be going through the motions in that one, while Olivia seemed only...
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Top 6 Sexiest Asian Hotties (video)

Some might consider a fondness for Asian hotties, like those in this week's 6-pack roundup, something of a fetish. I don't buy that. When I think of fetishes I think of people strapping themselves into devices or demanding the use of a utensil of some sort to get them off. Asian women are just like any other hottie out there, in that they put their own special spin on what being...
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Margot Robbie is kind of a psycho when it comes to her beauty regimen

I got a kick out of Margot Robbie's tribute to Patrick Bateman from AMERICAN PSYCHO in this little Vogue short. All that shit in her medicine cabinet and the way she has to meticulously apply it in just the right way - reminds me of someone I used to know an thankfully don't anymore. But never mind her. This is all about Margot. We've gotten all sorts of great moments out of...
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Emilia Clarke would really like you to see her new movie

I saw the trailer for Emilia Clarke's new movie ME BEFORE YOU, about a woman who becomes caretaker to a disabled man who she then falls in love with. Looks like nothing less than the most chick flick movie ever made. Even the trailer was just dripping with an excessive amount of sentiment and sap. Quite a far cry from Emilia's front page gig as Daenerys-Khaleesi-Mother of...
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