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Lauren Cohan is the girls of Maxim girl of your dreams

Keep it up, Maxim! We have yet to see the extent of "The Walking Dead" star Lauren Cohan's sexiness and you're doing a great job with these images from your October 2013 issue. Aptly enough, that's when Cohan's show will return for its fourth season, hopefully without too much fanfare. I really do not need to be getting myself into another Tweeting war with Chris Hardwick. (That's a joke,...
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Cosmo gets Jennifer Lopez to bare her belly and talk politics in the October 2013 issue

Watching the trailer for THE FIFTH ESTATE while I was catching a matinee of THE WAY, WAY BACK and bellowing out "Khan!!!!!!" when Benedict Cumberbatch came on the screen is something that amuses me for the day. It's simple, it's easy, it's not full of drama. And it gets random strangers who catch onto the joke to have a little giggle as well. But apparently...
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Vanessa Hudgens goes for old school glamour as Marie Claire's October 2013 cover girl

It's getting to be the time of the year when magazines start blasting out all kinds of kooky fall fashion spreads, so it's nice to see Vanessa Hudgens getting the classic movie ingenue, even though after getting to know Miss Sends Nude Pictures Texts over the years, she's definitely not innocent. The classic structure of the (is that leather) hair wrap, the poses across the bed, it's all...
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