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Monica Bellucci is 49, getting divorced, on the cover of Vanity Fair Italia and still way hotter than you

Guess what, boys?!?! It seems that after 14 years of marriage, supernova hottie Monica Bellucci is divorcing her husband, Vincent Cassel. At the grand age of 49, Bellucci states over and over again that anyone who thinks Cassel will be completely out of her picture is wrong. "He made me grow up, he put me in front of a mirror and he made me see more things about myself." The...
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Nylon Mexico might have overdone it on AnnaSophia Robb's photoshop

I know that "The Carrie Diaries" star, AnnaSophia Robb is a petite little thing at barely 5 feet tall but I'm not sure if that's license for the people behind the scenes at Nylon Mexico magazine to make the actress' head larger. The photoshop business is something that I don't notice unless it's blatant and maybe I'm wrong but it looks as if AnnaSophia's head is a huge bobble thing waiting...
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Emma Watson storms the pages of British GQ to wreak havoc on your hearts

I've been working for MovieHotties long enough to remember when Emma Watson first turned 18-years old and became a regular fixture of hotness around this place. Now that the actress is 23-years old and far enough away from her HARRY POTTER beginnings, it's a great time to sit back and revel in the sexy, classy hottie that she's turned into. While there have been rumblings over...
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Chloe Grace Moretz channels her Carrie psycho for W magazine's October issue

You're going to be seeing a lot of Chloe Grace Moretz out on the newsstands, seeing as how she's the moody cover girl for W magazine's October 2013 issue and for those of you who aren't too timid to purchase one, the October 2013 issue of Seventeen magazine. Clearly she looks her bouncy and "age appropriate" for the Seventeen cover but I honestly haven't seen anything too terribly wrong...
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