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Face Off: Rashida Jones vs. ZoŽ Kravitz

No definitive winner in last week's Face Off between Kat Dennings and Melissa Rauch . That's as it should be. Two women with beautiful, curvy bodies and nice racks - you can't go wrong with either one. This week both Rashida Jones and ZoŽ Kravitz have their movies INSIDE OUT and DOPE coming out. Those two come with a few things in common, besides having new movies premiering....
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Hilary Duff

Leave it to ABC Family television movies to provide us with a hottie clip from Hilary Duff , a hottie who seems to randomly disappear as much as she randomly appears. Duff is one of many young actresses who broke out of their candy-coated shells once they reached adulthood. After spending many years as the Disney pop princess Lizzy McGuire, she soon moved on to playing a...
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Nina Agdal showed up at my old workplace in a bikini

I could swear I used to work at this exact place where Nina Agdal decided to slip into a bikini. Those shelves with the paper and stuff on them looks exactly like the counter I worked behind for 3 years. I guess it's probably prefab stuff every photography studio or print shop uses, but it's still intriguing to envision one of the hottest women in the world stripped down to a bikini in that...
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Nuts envisions what the greatest office ever might look like

I hate offices. They're just miserable places where no one wants to be and only choose to endure because they're slightly less inclined to living in a refrigerator box. However, I think I could get used to an office concept like the one Nuts has come up with. What guys haven't wasted a ton of time imagining what their hot coworkers look like out of their business attire? In the Nuts...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Anna Nicole Smith

Today we celebrate the late, great Anna Nicole Smith. Say what you want about the woman, she was an entertainer. Today's Hottie Clip of the Day, featuring Smith, comes from the "romance" movie ANNA NICOLE SMITH: EXPOSED. Can't get a more straight-forward title than that! In the scene we see the lovely Anna Nicole Smith as she holds job interviews from behind her big desk. Oh, and...
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