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Flashback Friday: Let's risk getting all up in Rebecca De Mornay's business

There are very few women in entertainment or anywhere who can hang on to hotness as long as Rebecca De Mornay has. For over 30 years she's conformed to some sort of a sexiness, be it as the tight young thing, the sultry cougar or lately the still hot at 50-something. Of course I was far too young to understand what getting hot for Rebecca was all about back when she first showed up...
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Classic Hotties: Susan Sarandon

It seems like Susan Sarandon has spent the vast majority of her career playing the hot older woman. And when she wasn't playing a hot older woman she was a hot older woman for real. It's understandable she has this rep, as most of us didn't have a chance to get to know her until she was well into her 30s. Such a thing might have had negative consequences for other ladies in her...
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Marisa Tomei has a little more to say about being hot

More magazine looks like something for the cougar/MILF demographic, but lately it's seemed like a method of updating folks who don't read magazines on the current hotness of women who we used to lust after 20+ years ago. Last time around it was Christina Applegate , now it's Marisa Tomei . Both of them are looking pretty good I must say, but I want to see how Marisa looks in that flowery...
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