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Gemma Arterton was positively pretty in purple at Olivier Awards

It's hard to get too upset when a lady as beautiful as Gemma Arterton makes a slip on the red carpet. I mean, she is the same lady who, just last year at the Olivier Awards, wore this on the red carpet: What a difference a year makes. While I'm not won over by this overly purple, overly sparkly number she's got on here, it's hard to argue that Arterton isn't gorgeous in just about...
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All the world's a stage for Gemma Arterton's perfect boobs

The Olivier Awards are given out to actors and performers who were in British stage productions, named after the legendary Laurence Olivier. One of the nominees this year for best actress was Gemma Arterton who was recognized for her work in MADE IN DAGENHAM, a musical based on real life events about women working in a Ford Motor Company plant during 1968 who were getting paid far less than...
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Gemma Arterton & Hayley Atwell are two good reasons to move to England

Bringing you all the latest and greatest images of those sweet, sweet English babes is something we pride ourselves in around here. I don't know what it is about England that grows the hotties so well, but the result is a vast army of fine female flesh invading every form of media you can imagine. Two of the best examples of this blessed phenomenon were together in one place this weekend for...
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