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Gillian Jacobs & Community discuss season six at Comic Con

I'm not posting images of Gillian Jacobs instead of Alison Brie because I prefer her better (even though I do, which you all already know) but because so far there's only images of Jacobs at 2014's San Diego Comic Con, where the panel for "Community" and its transition from NBC to online episodes. The abbreviated version of the cast were on hand along with...

Jessica Alba is so hot it's got me seeing red

Remember when everyone and their mom was all over any piece of Jessica Alba news they could get their hands on? Yeah, she was at her height around SIN CITY and GOOD LUCK CHUCK , but soon afterwards, she kind of fell off the map. That's not supposed to sound mean, or anything. When you're a movie star, it f*cking happens. I get it. Not to mention she popped out a baby and is now a...

Online magazine did not edit the hotness of these Julianne Moore pictures

I don't get the concept of online magazines, but based on the amount of time you damn whippersnappers spend on the internets, I guess I can understand, at least, why the creators thought it'd be a good idea. I suppose Julianne Moore thought it was a good idea, too. Why would she be looking so freaking hot on the "pages" of The Edit magazine if she didn't? It's been quite a while since I've...

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