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Hottie Clip of the Day: Tara Reid

I've been in love with Tara Reid for a long, long time now. When I say 'in love,' I of course mean I want to have my way with here. Can you blame me? Sure Reid has looked pretty ragged for half her career but she was smoking hot the other half! For today's Hottie Clip of the Day we've got Reid in AMERICAN PIE where that lucky bastard Thomas Ian Nicholas gets to go to town between...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Olivia Wilde

With the JoBlo Movie Podcast's Hottie March Madness tournament coming to the end I've decided to celebrate my pick from the start - the lovely miss Olivia Wilde! From the start she was my pick to win it all the and gorgeous actress is still standing strong in the Final Four. For today's Hottie Clip of the Day we've got Wilde as a stripper in the recent comedy BUTTER as well as a...
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