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Jennifer Nicole Lee was up to her old bikini tricks again in Miami

There was a brief period a few years back when we got a little wrapped up in fitness coach Jennifer Nicole Lee and her bikini tying/untying/public showering/general attention whoring here at Hotties. No, she's never been in a movie or even a TV show that I can figure. She's mainly known for losing 70 pounds, getting muscular, buying implants and then wandering around Miami for these staged...
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The Top Ten Hottest Babes over 40

Call the the top ten hottest women in Hollywood over the age of 40 who AREN'T Halle Berry. I am missing a ton here, I know that, as women continue to maintain and retain their looks much longer than those from the past, but ugly on the inside just didn't trump it for me in this installment of the Sexy Ten Spot. Sorry Halle, might want to work on some crazy crunches instead of your abs. And on...
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