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Mammary Monday: Alice Goodwin redefines "Case of the Mondays"

Alice Goodwin , she of the banned Oreo spread that was too risque for our advertisers, is the feature star of our Mammary Monday. I want to put this out there so that you understand my feeling about the girls from the UK and whatnot who bare their breasts or tease with cleavage - they're doing what they're good at. You can't hate on them for being well-endowed in the breast area, whether...
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Mammary Monday: Lucy Collett is the sexy secretary of your dreams

Last week when I featured a couple of the popular busty Page 3 girls outta the UK, I was told that Lucy Collett was not good enough to best Christina Hendricks in a voluptuous boob battle. As if to counterpoint that negativity, Nuts magazine released a new spread with the well-endowed redhead, getting a huge jump on April 24th "Administrative Professionals Day." Who cares if you're called a...
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