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Olivia Culpo's see-through skirt will make you want to dance with no pants

It makes sense that a former pageant winner (she was Miss USA in 2012) would have such killer stems. It also makes sense that 23-year old Olivia Culpo would be showing them off, even at a potentially serious event like the 10th Annual Blood Cancer Gala. Those who prep these things might have considered that pairing "Blood Cancer" with "Gala" would be touchy but I'm guessing that they were...
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Amy Willerton is a hot British blonde doing yoga in a bikini for your hump day pleasure

Amy Willerton is yet another one of the many, many sexy women who hail from Great Britain and are famous for not much more than getting their picture taken by the paparazzi. At least, that's the way that I look at it without getting too far into Willerton's stint as Miss Universe Great Britain or all that hubbub she caused when competing Miss Asia Pacific World pageant (she was representing...
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Hot or Not: Katie Aselton

While most of you will be out either re-watching IRON MAN 3 or catching whatever time showing of STAR TREK: INTO THE DARKNESS (or some of you secretly partaking in some GREAT GATSBY 3D action - did you not hear that I wanted that movie to bomb, you jerks?!?!) there's another option if you can look around and find it. Not only does this week's Hot or Not selection star in the movie, she's...
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Olivia Culpo and her see-through dress attend a Great Gatsby screening

Um, did someone declare this to be nipple week and I missed out on the memo? From the A-listers to the social climbers to the recent beauty pageant winners, nipples are the "IN" accessory for this Spring/Summer season. This time it's from Olivia Culpo , who was wearing a cute little black dress to the special Cinco de Mayo screening of THE GREAT GATSBY over at the MOMA. Culpo is the 2012...
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